Our Brands

One of our key franchise opportunities is Signarama, a custom signage company that currently has branches all over Canada. Signarama provides the ultimate in personalized signage to clientele all over the country. Examples of designs produced by this firm include fabric banners, traffic signs, vehicle decals, and so much more. Another of our signature franchise opportunities is Plan Ahead Events. When you choose this franchise, you’ll own an event planning company that enjoys worldwide name recognition. Plan Ahead Events fills a pressing need in the marketplace, by offering clients access to the most professional, creative and successful event planning for corporate meetings, trade shows, charity events, and the like.

We have one customer: Our Franchisee. when they are successful, we are successful


If you’re looking for the sort of franchise opportunity that offers you access to a more independent lifestyle, as well as a steady and lucrative stream of income, why not choose a Plan Ahead Events or Sign-a-Rama franchise?  At National Franchise Group, we are proud to offer both of these fail-safe franchise opportunities to prospective franchisees in Canada.

Have Fun and Earn Big Profits with a Plan Ahead Events Franchise

Plan Ahead Events (PAE) is a well-known event planning business, and it’s an ideal franchise opportunity for any entrepreneur who loves meeting new people.

Plan Ahead Events handles the planning and implementation of trade shows, conferences, special events, meetings, and almost any other type of group gathering that you might imagine. Since the event planning niche is a booming industry with incredible growth potential, this franchise opportunity is a sure-fire way to access big profits in a very short period of time.

Fill a Need in the Marketplace with a Practical Signarama Franchise

Signarama offers custom signage of almost every type, including traffic signs, fabric banners, vehicle decals, and POP (point-of-purchase) displays. Since signage and marketing go hand in hand, there is always a huge pool of clientele who are interested in purchasing Signarama’s high-quality, personalized products. Signarama has over 950 franchisees in fifty two countries and is the largest sign franchise in the world.

We offer these franchises to entrepreneurs in Canada, providing even the most ambitious Canadian business people with the tools that they need to create more fulfilling and successful careers. If you’re searching for a franchise that comes ready-equipped with proven brand recognition and unlimited potential, selecting one of our tried-and-true franchise opportunities will be a wise and practical choice.

We Offer Expert Guidance and Support to our Franchise Owners

For years, we’ve guided entrepreneurs through the franchise acquisition process and given them the expert guidance that they need to build their new companies and to keep them strong and profitable over the long term. Since Plan Ahead Events and Signarama are both highly regarded franchises that fill pressing needs in the marketplace, our franchises are popular investment choices for Canadian entrepreneurs.

For many driven and focused individuals, becoming their own bosses is the key to a better lifestyle. When you choose to become your own boss by purchasing one of our franchises, you’ll be accessing a sensible business opportunity that will assist you in building wealth and in becoming the person that you dream of being.

At National Franchise Group, our team of specialists are standing by to offer you unparalleled support as you start up your new Plan Ahead Events or Signarama business. All over Canada, our franchisees are enjoying great success in their endeavors, because we offer the sort of solid backup that makes all of the difference.

To find out more about these excellent franchise opportunities, please contact us today. We are waiting to hear from you.